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Keenan Able Property Services are more than
just an environmentally responsible Building Company.


We care about you.


We care about your home


We care about your neighbours

Keenan Able are a new breed

Uniquely Keenan Able enthusiastically reduce the impact that your project has on the environment by:


  • Sourcing sustainable materials locally.
  • Reducing, repurposing and recycling waste where possible.
  • Preferring to share journeys to site in efficient cars with trailers rather than diesel vans.
  • Supporting local communities by employing talented trustworthy and courteous tradesmen and women within cycling distance of your home.
  • Start your home improvement journey with us today by building a sustainable future.

Bespoke service

Our aim is to achieve an on-going bespoke relationship through continuous high standards of working together with a sensible pricing policy.

We believe that our service combines reliability, quality of workmanship and value for money.

Save time

Maintaining a property takes a lot of energy and you need to apply your time wholeheartedly to ensure that everything is taken care of efficiently.

Following up independent service providers and making sure that everything is done can be very taxing indeed.

When you hire Keenan Able we handle all that for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything and this allows you to use your time for other more enjoyable aspects of your life.

Our Property Maintenance Service is designed to be a complete package from start to finish – project managing the correct maintenance necessary and finalising the work from brickwork through to plastering; redecoration and maintenance on
residential and commercial properties.

Since 2016 Scott has done a large number of jobs for us.

This included sorting out damp problems in 3 rooms at home, installing fans in 3 bathrooms through thick stone walls, minor repairs at our buy to let, installing oak skirting boards in a large room with difficult curves, a large project involving installing a bathroom and canteen in a commercial property and connecting it to the sewage and water supply and completing to satisfaction of Building Control, and in 2019 re-roofing 135m2 with original Westmorland slate tiles.

In every case Scott has provided a detailed costing for the project, detailed interim stage payments and invoices as appropriate.

Paddy Finn – Home Owner

Our Property Maintenance Services










 We recommend to always hire a professional unless you have the necessary knowledge and expertise, as incorrect building maintenance or the use of the wrong materials can often lead to further problems and complications.

Contact Scott Keenan today to discuss your project.

scott@rg6d3.hosts.cx or call 07977 516154

Professional; Reliable; Approachable; Innovative; Sustainable

Recent Projects

Please see below some of our recently completed projects.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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